Reasons Why UI/UX Design Is Important For Business Growth

Reasons Why UI/UX Design Is Important For Business Growth

UX, meaning User Experience was coined by designer Don Norman in 1990. Mostly used in reference to web entities, it is an overall feel that the user gets when they do a buying process or simply visit a website or mobile application. UI is the user interface that the website provides to the visitor while they are browsing or executing tasks like registration, purchase, accessing support etc. User interface may be through words, colors, graphics, animations, voice, chats, support tools and a lot more. All this constitutes to form the UI of the website. We have tried to list down Top 4 reasons, why UI/UX design is important for business growth.

Increase in traffic

In this largely competitive world when hundreds of thousands of new websites are being uploaded every day, getting more and more eyeballs to hit your website is one of the biggest challenges. Once you have brought them, it is an even bigger challenge to ensure that they spend maximum time and come again and again to the website. Customer engagement is the most sought after virtue in today’s online world. A product like Whatsapp with zero revenue was bought for 16b$ by social media giant Facebook Inc. just because of high user engagement.

Upbeat customer aura

A good UI/UX design can ensure that the customers become captivatingly delightful in the first few seconds of banging on the website. If you can do that, you are almost halfway there. Once the marketing team brings the patron to the website, the responsibility rests on the shoulder of the design team to retain them for more time and enhance likelihood of making the decision the website targets to.  A clumsy UI/UX can be crippling for the brand’s image. It can also generate a bad word of mouth for the company.

Translating visitors to clients

A fascinating UI/UX can not only lead clients to spend more time but influence purchase decisions. This will greatly influence business growth as old clients would put the brand in ‘preferable’ status and new visitors will look forward to making a purchase decision. The primary objective of a brilliant UI/UX is to convert prospective customers to real customers. Captivating UI/UX can give the final push to the customer required in making a purchase decision.

Business Growth

The ultimate objective from any supporting tool like website, design, logo, brand is to sell the final product and increase business. A fabulous UI/UX will increase good word of mouth among visitors. It can increase the trust of the visitor on the brand and intellect of management. A client who has passed through a buying process that made him/her feel secure and delightful is sure to come back and make more buying decisions on the portal and/or mobile application.

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